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massage chair

massage chair


As we all know, with the development of this society ,the health care costs continue to rise, millions of people take an active part in seeking for products which can help them enhance their overall well being. In this big market, consumer demand for wellness products. Increasingly, these consumers are turning to alternative therapies, and in particular massage, to release tension, soothe aching muscles, and relieve pain. The opportunity to help people and build a successful business has never been better!

It is also known to all that massage can help people get stronger immune system, and a better mental health. Massage chairs can be big investments. When it comes to getting massage chairs, each person has different requirements and a different budget.

When you feature our  massage products,  you are making a commitment to unrivaled quality.

Representing our massage stuff  as an Authorized Massage Chair Distributor insures that goodwill accrues to your business in the form of repeat purchases, improved sales, and positive word of mouth.

We are dedicated to your success. We offer unrivaled massage chair quality and unrivaled customer support. Bodymate makes every effort to understand and respond to the needs of our resellers, and we work each day to improve the service that we offer to our massage chair distributors and their customers.

Benefits of becoming a distributor of our massage chair.

*High profit.

*Allowing you to focus on increasing sales, we will all the work from shipping to your customer to warranty & after service.

If you’re interested in representing our extraordinary line of our  massage chairs, please contact us to discuss becoming a Distributor ! We’d be delighted to talk to you about the requirements and rewards of representing our massage chairs. Just feel free to contact us and we can discuss about the details how we can make you succeed and make us succeed.