legs beautician BM609 | BodyMate Massager

Legs Beautician BM609

massage for legs and calves

Calf legs beautician


Airbag+Vibration Massage

Key features:

*Latest and smart design of leg massager will massage your feet, ankles and legs at the same time.

*Six groups airbags are set for the massage at calves and ankles.

* Strong kneading massage will make the muscle of your feet, ankles and legs more relax.

* The synergetic combination of kneading and vibration massage will offer the most relax and massage experience and take care of

your leg.

* Personal-preference of three different intensity of kneading and vibration massage will be conveniently selected through the

keyboard of front side.

*Humanism design of fabric with zipper, it’s easy to keep the products clean.

*Alleviate the ache and clean away the tiredness on feet and calves.

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    2015/09/01 at 20:32:49


    How much cost?

    Thank you


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