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Massage Cushion BM605


Cushion for massaging at home or in a car

Massage chair car cushion

Massage cushions can at times provide a higher comfort level when compared to a flat table massage or a massage on the floor.

Cushions are not just comfortable; they alleviate pressure on the breasts, abdomen and lower back.  They allow you to breathe freely

and easily as they put minimal pressure on the body.  Massage cushions are found to be extremely helpful for pregnant women as

these provide support and access to difficult areas of the body.

Key Features:

* Equipped with massage nods which can move upward and downward with auto or manual design.

*2 vibration motors are equipped inside the seat area.

* Designed with automatic massage program.

*The ventilated mesh brings most comfortable feeling for your back.

*Suitable to use on cars, home, office.

* Convex design on neck part, hand-sewing, humanized design.

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