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Zero Gravity Massage Chair BM008

professional massage chair

Empty-Gravity Massage chair


Product Description

Back rest: 3S mechanical massage hands
Five modes of massage available are: Shoulder lifting and kneading, shiatsu, kneading, patting, synchronized kneading, thermal therapy for back
Auto programs massage methods such as easy, comfort, ache cure and recovery from fatigue, electric lifting
Seat cushion: Vibration massage, airbag and lifting adjustment
Arms: Airbag massage

80 airbags surrounding the whole body to improve the massage effect
4 automatic massage programs:
Body relax, shoulder and neck massage, yoga stretch, air bag massage
Selectable massage types including 3S type, Chinese style, Thai style & etc
Selectable massage strength: Soft, strong, heavy
Selectable massage speed and air pressure: 9 steps
Zero gravity function
Rocking sleep function
Automatic shoulder detection function

Innovate function:
NO. 1 Rocking cradle function
NO. 2 Easy-to-Move with 6 wheels
NO. 3 Yoga-stretching
NO. 4 Kneading on shoulder
NO. 5 Massaging lowest parts of your back
NO. 6 Adjustable Massage Intensity

Type: Zero Gravity massage chair
Length: 1355-2000mm
Width: 812mm
Heigh: 891-1250mm
GW: 110KG
NW: 90KG
Power: AC220V-240V 50-60 Hz
Power consomption: 220W
Auot Timer: 25min

 Zero Gravity Massage Chair BM008(blue) Zero Gravity Massage Chair BM008(red) Zero Gravity Massage Chair BM008(yellow) Zero-Gravity Massage Chair BM008 (gray)


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  1. khairy hanafy
    2018/08/08 at 09:30:05

    how i can get one or two and can you order it to send to egypt and if not from where can i buy this product

  2. khairy hanafy
    2018/08/08 at 09:28:27

    how i can get one or to and cay you order it to send to egypt and if not from where can i buy this product

  3. P.V.RAO
    2017/08/23 at 16:05:22

    Send the price & delevary to India the cost &conditions

  4. waqas
    2016/03/20 at 16:17:09

    I want to import this massager chair in Pakistan. What will be charges and do you have any your dealer in Pakistan?

  5. Desmond
    2015/12/03 at 10:50:08


    I’m interested in your product BM 008. Please advice do u ship to Singapore?

  6. Jitendra ladha
    2015/11/29 at 05:05:06

    What will b the price of this massage chair

  7. Finn Christensen
    2015/08/11 at 03:05:45

    What is the Price for 1 incl delivery’s

  8. Greg
    2015/07/22 at 16:31:47

    How much for 1 bm008 to Canada?

  9. Jonathan hind
    2015/07/13 at 09:26:46

    What is the price for 2 of the empty gravity massage chairs to be delivered to Freemantle australia?

  10. omomar
    2015/01/08 at 12:40:01

    I want buy massage chair the total coust for this chair with shipping to SAUDI ARABIA
    Thank you

  11. Bob Buster
    2014/12/05 at 01:40:54

    Can you please give me a price list of the different type of Massage chairs you have? Thanks you.

  12. Thanh Luong
    2013/12/04 at 15:52:41

    Dear sir/ /madam,

    Could you please send me the information and the pricelist of the zero gravity massage chair BM 008?

    Best regards,
    Thanh Luong

  13. alessandro
    2013/11/19 at 06:24:54

    request price end delivery time for Zero Gravity Massage Chair BM008 , anti-graviti bm007


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